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What ever happened to Mary Ann Delacy?

Mary Delacy appears to have been the mother of Henrietta Marshall. Henrietta was raised by William H. Marshall but I've found no record of him and Mary Delacy together? Or was Henrietta's parents' real names Edward Marshall and Mary Delacey as stated on her death certificate? DNA matches provide evidence of a tie to the Delacy family.
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Why Richard William Murray?

Having uncovered the mystery of who Richard W. Murray's parents were begs the question how and why Wilhem Putzahr choose to be called Richard William Murray.
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Putzahr Photos

There are likely photos of Anna Putzahr Berns, Ida Putzahr Berns, and Wilhelmina Putzahr Heide. I only have a photo of their older brother, William. It would be great to put together a family portrait after so many years! Check those old shoe boxes.

 Mystery Photos