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Matches 1 to 38 of 38 for Tree equals Main Tree AND Branch equals Paul Homan Descendents

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F3360
Blosser, Lewis Frederick Miller, Bernice Jeannette 17 Feb 1922 Mtvernon, OH  
2 F936
Boeshart, Joseph Homan, Mary Roseann 12 Sep 1870 Stluke's By Fr. J.Brent  
3 F939
Boeshart, Lewis Homan, Margaret 16 Feb 1871 Stluke's By Fr. J.Brent  
4 F951
Carpenter, Clarence Agustin Metzger, Anna 16 Sep 1913 Sacred Heart Of Mary Church, Shelby, OH  
5 F287
Carpenter, Edward S. Homan, Frances (Fannie) Honora 19 Apr 1887  
6 F1263
Church, Carl Kinsey Flickinger, Cleola Abt 1924  
7 F523
Church, Ulysses Grant Homan, Martha 15 Apr 1891 Stluke's Knox Co. OH Fr.Mcdermott  
8 F2966
Dannemiller, Paul A. Homan, Bertha Agnes 12 Sep 1916 Doylestown, OH St.P&P By Fr.Fasnacht  
9 F1261
Dds, Lawrence Chester Church Rowland, Edna 25 Feb 1917  
10 F1265
Dds, Lawrence Chester Church Brinkman, Erma 1924  
11 F2107
Dermody, Martin Homan, Barbara 24 Apr 1865 Stvincent's Mtvernon, OH By Fr. J.Brent  
12 F2983
Edgar, Dell Homan, Rose Elizabeth   
13 F3361
Gessling, Walter D. Miller, Mildred Elizabeth 18 Mar 1916  
14 F3362
Gruver, William Francis Miller, Eunice May 8 May 1910 Loudonville, OH By Rev. Lea  
15 F311
Homan, Edwin Stephen Severns, Edith Leuela 21 Feb 1900 Knox Co. Ohio  
16 F2061
Homan, Henry Louis Graf, Bertha 22 Nov 1899 From Family Bible.  
17 F599
Homan, Martin Miller, Catherine 20 Sep 1866 Stluke's By Fr J.Brent  
18 F935
Homan, Michael Phillip Neuth, Elizabeth 27 Feb 1839 Germany  
19 F174
Homan, Michael Phillip Losh, Elizabeth 29 Mar 1864 Stluke's Knox Co. Ohio Fr J.Brent  
20 F2967
Homan, Michael Phillip Shonenebarger, Sarah Catherine 6 Oct 1885 Stluke's Knox Co., OH Fr. Moitrier  
21 F982
Homan, Paul Smyth, Elizabeth   
22 F2982
Homan, Unknown    
23 F3406
Homan, William Franklin Kable, Mary Opal   
24 F3337
Kirwen, Michael J. Homan, Mary Matilda   
25 F2
Logsdon, James Ferdinand Hammond, Mary Pauline 17 Jun 1919 Stluke's Danville, OH By Fr. C.Teipe  
26 F3
Logsdon, Joseph James Homan, Margaret 7 Jun 1892 Stluke's Knox Co. OH By Fr.Mcdermott  
27 F1639
Miller, Charles Henry Homan, Mary Ann 10 Sep 1885 Knox Co., OH By C. Beam Jp P228  
28 F3359
Miller, Elmer Orva Martin, Celina Mae 30 Apr 1928  
29 F3402
Miller, Henry Hiram Young, Christina Marie 27 Sep 1921  
30 F3435
Myers, George E. Homan, Lucy Mary 23 Sep 1914 Doylestown, Ohio  
31 F3153
Nott, Edward Charles Homan, Minnie Luccel 1904 Sumner, Illinois  
32 F3443
Nott, Maxwell Edward Morehouse, Etha Enola   
33 F2935
Paridon, George John Homan, Ethel Marie 12 Sep 1923 Doylestown, OH  
34 F3408
Petit, Henry G. Homan, Clara Gertrude 1908 Ohio  
35 F3345
Spreng, Walter Godfrey Miller, Monna Marie 28 Jan 1927 Loudonville, Ohio  
36 F2989
Taugher, Thomas E. Dermody, Margaret 23 Jun 1920 Stvincent's Mtvernon, OH By Fr. Mulhane  
37 F1268
Weidman, George Church, Alma Abt 1926  
38 F1661
Worrell, Frederick Homan, Elizabeth 11 Oct 1868 Stvincent's Mtvernon, OH By Fr. J.Brent